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Critter Barn Online
About Us
Our Location
About Us

Critter Barn is the longest lived and most reputable pet store in East Tennesse and boasts the largest selection of herps available in the state. Our knowledgible staff can assist you with any questions from picking the perfect pet to breeding.

Our Business Philosophy

We offer the highest quality animals and products at the best prices available anywhere.

Our Employees



First, there's Larry the boss. Larry has been keeping and breeding herps for the last 45 can't find that kind of experience anywhere else.


Next is Dave, another verteran breeder. Dave will always take the time to assist any customer with any question they have. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll find it.


Donna!This straight talking critter expert is always there to walk you through set up of your pet's habitat, feeding, and anything else you could imagine.


Here's Andrew strutting his stuff. Andrew may be quiet but if you need anything or have any questions he's just as devoted as any of the others. And ladies yes...I think he's single.


And last but not least, the backbone of the Critterbarn crew, Cane. Cane is the Welcome Wagon, the stress reliever, the Comic relief, and the Bouncer here at Critter Barn. The day just wouldn't be right if you didn't get that big goofy welcome as you walked in.

Our Company

Critter Barn was established in 1972 by Larry, and he has been breeding his high quality herps ever since.

Our Shop

*Coming Soon* Here is a picture of our shop.

Cash Register, Opening & Closing

Critter Barn *  Corner of Concord and Sutherland * Knoxville,Tennessee * 37919